Bob the Golden Retriever may have more diverse friends than we do (PHOTOS)

Sep 23, 2015 at 2:05 p.m. ET

The Internet is filled with cute animal videos and photos, but we've found our favourite in the form of Bob the Golden Retriever.

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This adorable pooch lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and he may be the most patient dog we have ever seen. He also has a very diverse group of friends, which includes one hamster, a puppy named Marley and eight colourful little birds.

Bob's owner, Luiz Higa Junior, has dedicated social media pages to him and there are already 212,000 fans on his Instagram and over 50,000 on Facebook — because who doesn't like a heartwarming dog picture?

Bob's gentle nature and compassion is something we can all aspire to. Below are some of his best pictures.


Looks like Bob even tried to recruit a tortoise as his companion.


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This little bird has clearly found the best perch.


Who can help but fall in love with this face?


Love has no shape or form, and this rather unusual little family proves it.


"Since the beginning they have lived side-by-side and it has been so nice to see how they have behaved together," Junior previously told the Daily Mail.

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For most dogs, this little cutie would be a tasty snack, but for Bob, it's his best friend.


The unconditional love that dogs like Bob have for their fellow creatures should inspire us all.