Kitten just wants to be with his duck friends, and it's adorable (VIDEO)

Jun 29, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. ET
Image: Flickr/John

This kitten has no interest in his feline friend. Rather, he's all about the ducks, and it's super cute, so I'm not complaining.

Truth be told, the first time I watched this video, I was filled with joy. The kitten has boundless energy and his desire to hang with his duck mates just shows that this kitten is the antithesis of what we know about cats, who are often pretty keen to forgo friends in favor of solitude. Not this kitten, though; he seeks companionship!

Naturally, I watched this video a second time and that's when I started to experience some anxiety, because what if the ducks are running away from the kitten? What if they aren't as keen as the kitten to be friends? So, for those who are wondering, I have taken a personal day to deal with my emotions relating to the possible shunning of a truly spirited cat. Happy Monday!

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