Sweet baby koala cuddled his mom through surgery

Jun 10, 2015 at 3:40 p.m. ET
Image: Palo Alcantara/Getty Images

Get ready to have your heart explode from exposure to too much cuteness. This story of a koala mom may start out sad, but adorable baby behavior ends up saving the day.

This poor mama and baby were hit by a car west of Brisbane, Australia. Luckily the baby (who goes by Phantom) was relatively unscathed by the accident, however his mom (Lizzy) was not so fortunate. She suffered from a collapsed lung and was rushed with baby Phantom in tow to Australia Zoo's wildlife hospital.

She was immediately taken to surgery to repair her lung, but Phantom would not leave his mama's side. He stayed with her throughout the whole procedure even though Lizzy was under anesthesia the entire time. Here are a few adorable pictures of baby cuddling up to his injured mama.


It makes sense that 6-month-old Phantom would cling to his mom like this. Baby koalas actually stay in their mom's pouches for up to seven months and aren't fully weened until they're a year old. So while the surgery was saving Lizzy's life, it was also saving Phantom's. Way to go, Australia Zoo! Koalas everywhere will raise a eucalyptus leaf to you today.

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