Stray puppy's muzzle taped shut and the photos are heartbreaking

May 28, 2015 at 7:20 p.m. ET

Authorities in South Carolina are searching for the person responsible for taping a 15-month old dog's mouth shut with electrical tape. The Charleston Animal Society reports that the puppy, Caitlyn, is in its care and is in critical condition.

Animal Society veterinarian Lucy Fuller explained to the local TV News 19 team that the tape was wrapped so tightly around the chocolate Staffie mix's muzzle it cut off blood flow to the tongue.

Caitlyn was brought to the North Charleston society when the abused puppy appeared on a neighbor's doorstep Wednesday. The neighbor, having known the dog to be a neighborhood stray appearing healthy by other residents' accounts just days before, brought the puppy in for immediate medical attention.

The society is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

Warning: These photos are hard to look at.

Dog's muzzle bound with electrical tape

Abused dog getting medical treatment

There are more photos on Charleston Animal Society's Facebook page.

"Caitlyn is just one of many dogs who enter our doors battered and broken who are made whole through donations to their care," we were told by Charleston Animal Society. "Our medical fund is stressed to the limit with serious medical cases... To help the Animal Society save Caitlyn and others like her, please give to Toby's Fund for medical care."

This disturbing incident follows a similar crime reported earlier this month in southeast Houston. According to the police report, a woman was accused of duct-taping her puppy's mouth shut in order to keep the dog quiet after receiving a city noise notice. Soon after, Houston police responded to a report of a dog whimpering on the patio where the female puppy was found emaciated — apparently starved for a couple of days.

Since then, the puppy was sent to an adoption facility, named Chloe and has found a forever home.

Update: Caitlyn the dog has gone through surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. There is even a live feed at her recovery facility.

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