There’s a moose on the loose in your neighbourhood — what do you do?

Shoppers were in for a bit of a surprise when they had to battle a moose for the ultimate parking spot at a Newfoundland shopping centre. The RNC stepped in to try to get the moose safely back where it belonged, but it turned into more of an amusing police chase.

Seeing wildlife is always exciting, but considering a moose — even this young one — is taller than some cars, it can cause some serious damage and injury to anyone in its path. Comments on CBC’s Facebook page admonished the police for chasing the poor, confused moose and potentially causing more harm than good.

But in the end, the police were just trying to help, and the moose safely found his way back to the woods. It raises the question, though — what should you do if you make your way to your car with a basket full of groceries only to find a moose (or any variety of wild animal) is cruising through the lot?

  1. Don’t chase it, but don’t run from it either. Some animals may be more likely to chase you if you start to run. Not to mention, a moose will outrun you, so you’re better off just getting out of the way.
  2. Don’t approach it.
  3. Call for help, and alert the store so it can warn other customers.
  4. Don’t be tempted to feed it any of your groceries.
  5. Avoid the urge to take a selfie with it. Maintain a safe distance if you do decide to take videos or photos.
  6. If the police are following it, with their lights on, and it could bolt in any direction at any moment, do yourself a favour, and stay in the store.

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