Exhausted puppy falls asleep on his baby buddy (VIDEO)

We’ve all gotten to that point where we’re trying to hard to stay awake, but our body says, “nope, sleep is happening now.” That’s what I imagine is going on inside this cute little puppy. He was given the task of watching over this sleeping baby, but just can’t manage to keep his eyes open.

Image: GifYouTube

I imagine this adorable duo growing up together and becoming the best of friends, but for now, life is simply sleep and cuddle time. This pup is trying so hard to stand guard over his helpless, sleeping compadre — he puts up a fight for almost a full minute and a half — but finally gives in, and rests his head gingerly over the baby’s neck. However, he takes his job seriously, and even though he does close his eyes for a second, he ends up repositioning himself on the baby’s head so that he can relax, but still remain alert for intruders.

I love how the baby isn’t fazed at all while his companion continues to reposition himself. Hopefully the two will enjoy many more sleeping/wobbly standing sessions together.

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