Baby elephant has the absolute best time taking a bath (VIDEO)

Mar 16, 2015 at 2:10 p.m. ET

Bath time can often be a tricky time, because kids and animals alike don't really like soap in their eyes or being wet for too long. However, this little elephant is a huge exception. He loves taking his bath so much, he gets out and gets back into it three times. Which just goes to show, there ain't no party like an elephant bath party, 'cause an elephant bath party don't quit!

However, Mr. Baby Elephant is not the most graceful of creatures. Not only does he trip on his first time in, he trips the second and third time too. But that doesn't stop him from having the best time ever. He sloshes around, relishing the occasional sprays from his Dutch friend holding the hose. He gets so excited, in fact, that he poops a bit on his third trip to the tub, but that, for some reason, makes him all the more endearing. Plus, there's no room for judgment during bath time — only fun, joy and laughter.


I give him props for catching that little girl and her mom totally off guard by stealing their hose — a fake-out worthy of a prank award. Perhaps you aren't so clumsy after all, little buddy?

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