7 Awesome tricks you should teach your dog right now

Apr 30, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. ET
Image: YouTube/Norman Dog

You know your dog's a genius, but you want everyone else to know, too. That's where these mind-blowing canine capers come into play.

1. Stick 'em up!


This dog nails the "stick 'em up, bang!" trick. Just look at the dramatic head toss before he goes down for the count. That's art, people.

2. Doggy cycling


Undoubtedly, you might get a few strange glances if you go strolling down the street with your bike-riding dog by your side. But, really, it's only because everyone will be amazed by your dog's mad skills.

3. Say cheese


Nobody, and I mean nobody, can resist the charms of a smiling dog. If you teach your pup to flash a grin on command, you'll have everyone eating out of your paw, er, hand.

4. Take the wheel


OK, so riding a bike is cool. But driving a car? Now that's epic. I can't imagine there are a ton of dog owners out there who are willing to test this trick out with their own vehicles, which makes it all the more amazing to see dogs who can actually do it.

5. Beer me!


We're pretty sure most men would agree this is the hands down best trick you can teach your dog. Next step? Teaching them to fill the cooler with ice.

6. Jump, jump


We can't even single Dutch. Is that a thing? If it is, we can't do it — which is why Geronimo the Cattle Dog mix is giving us an insecurity complex with her insane double Dutch routine. Seriously, though, this dog puts us to shame

7. Who let the dog out?


Tell us that a black Lab riding a bus by herself to the dog park wouldn't steal your heart! That's exactly what Eclipse, the 2-year-old Lab, is doing in downtown Seattle. On days when her owner just isn't moving fast enough for her, this pioneering pup hops on public transit to get to her favorite spot: the local dog park, of course!

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