18 Adventurous dogs who love to be in the wild

Apr 30, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. ET

Need a little inspiration to get out there and grab the proverbial bull by the horns? Look no further than these 18 nature-loving pups who'll go anywhere for a good adventure.

1. Mountain goat dog


Hike up a mountain and pose for a picture, all before lunchtime? Piece of cake for this pup!

2. Salty dog


There are few things dipping your toes in the ocean can't fix. Just ask this happy-go-lucky pup.

3. Field of dreams


Not only are these smooth-coated Collies up for a romp through a thick-grassed field, but they make it look good.

4. Duck-trolling dog


Will he catch the duck? Meh, probably not. But he's having a good time and that's all that matters.

5. Cliffs? No big deal


Craggy rocks won't stand in the way of this pup discovering what's over the next peak.

6. You can't beat a good creek


This adorable guy knows the importance of blazing through a creek every now and then. As they say, carpe diem!

7. Ice is not an obstacle


Brrr! This sweet baby sure seems to be having fun exploring the frozen waterfall, but we're chilly just looking at the picture.

8. Pride Rock?


No, this isn't a scene straight out of The Lion King — rather, it's Mini and Gizmo enjoying the view after scaling a tall hill.

9. Doggy paddle


Can your pup paddle? This dog doesn't mind a little bit of white water as long as it means a whole lot of adventure.

10. It's never too early to start exploring


Little though this pup may be, it is fierce.

11. View from the top


He has made it to the peak and now Doug the pup intends to enjoy the view of the river below from his perch on a cliff. That's what we call living, my friends.

12. The road less traveled


Poised in thought on a snowy path in the woods, Riley looks pretty enough to be a picture from a Robert Frost poem.

13. To ski or not to ski...


This little pup isn't just gamely trudging through the snow — in fact, she's helping pull her "paw-rent" cross-country skiing. Now that's love.

14. Head for the hills


No hill is too steep, no mountain too high for Remi the Bernese Mountain Dog. This super-playful guy traverses any terrain in the name of a good adventure.

15. Forest dweller


This Lab knows the sheer joy that comes from winding through massive trees and splashing through swampy water. Oh, that we would all know such happiness!

16. Surf's up


If this is what the dog days of summer look like, sign us up.

17. Sharing the moment


Just a boy and his dog enjoying the peace and introspection found at the top of a tall peak.

18. Not all who wander are lost


You know the trees are tall when they make massive breeds like this look miniature!

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