12 Things only people with fur babies understand

May 1, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. ET

We love our cats and dogs. Sure, they're messy when they eat. Yes, we just had to walk Mr. Sassyface in below-zero temperatures. But, at the end of the day, they're still our babies. Try to understand our point of view.

1. Yes, everything is covered in fur

Lint Roller Image: Giphy

No, that doesn't mean I'm dirty.

2. There's no point in trying to keep them off furniture

Cat pillow Image: Giphy

Especially your pillow or the kitchen table.

3. There will always be one piece of furniture torn to shreds

Cat scratch Image: Giphy

This is why we can't have nice things.

4. You'll never eat alone

Begging Dog Image: Giphy

Someone always wants to share.

5. And uncovered liquid is never safe

Cat Champagne Image: Giphy

Seriously. Don't drink out of that glass.

6. This is why we need to dog-proof

Dog blinds Image: Giphy

Ugh. We should have taken down those blinds.

7. Yes, I did just pay a $500 vet bill

Up!Image: Giphy

I won't have to pay $30,000 on college tuition, though.

8. Oh, your toddler "hogged the bed" last night, huh?

St. Bernard Image: Giphy

I understand. Really.

9. Ours doesn't like to share, either

Dog tug Image: Giphy

But, at least we get in a good workout.

10. They're basically heaters

Cuddle cat Image: Giphy

Feeling the winter chill right about now? Cat and dog owners know that there's no such thing as a cold night with a fur baby close by. They're like a heated mattress pad... except better.

11. Their kisses are the best

Little MermaidImage: Giphy

Before you scrunch your nose at dog kisses, keep in mind that toddler kisses aren't exactly dry, either. And with babies, you not only have to worry about slobber, but you could get snot, too. Yep... we'll stick to puppy kisses any day.

12. They're like personal greeters

Soldier dog Image: Giphy

Our SOs meet us at the door with news that the cable is out and the mini-mes want to know what's for dinner. Fido? Fido will always be excited just to see us. (Especially if we've been gone a very, very long time.)

There are actually plenty of similarities between raising a kid and raising a pet. They both take a lot of love and require a huge amount of responsibility. Now... if only "real" parents would be a little more sensitive to that when chatting with parents of fur babies.

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