Pixar-obsessed dog owner gets a custom Up doghouse

Steve is a huge of Pixar’s Up. Since the movie came out, he’s been collecting art and cosplaying as Russell. He even rescued an abandoned dog and named her Dug after the pup in Up.

Steve’s Dug the dog got a crazy treat when the prop-builders and artists from Super-Fan Builds created a replica of Carl’s house from Up, scaled to the size of a doghouse. It’s an amazing treat for Steve, who has made Up a huge part of his life — but an even more amazing treat for Dug, a sweet pup who spent part of her life searching for a forever home. Now she has a permanent home in the arms of a man who adores her even more than he adores his favorite movie. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Doghouse from Up replica

costumes from Up

Image: Super-Fan Builds

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