21 Adorable pit bulls in pajamas from the cutest Kickstarter ever

Feb 17, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Fill your day with the requisite amount of "aww!" as you behold these adorable pics of pit bulls in pajamas. Think these dogs are vicious? Take a look at these cute "pibbles" (a kinder term adopted by owners for their pit bulls) in onesies, and see if you still feel that way.

"Pajamas for PitBulls" was started as a way to keep pit bulls warm in winter but quickly turned into a phenomenon. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign and help shelters that rescue not just pit bulls but other breeds as well.

In the meantime, check out how these pit bulls enjoy their pj's.

1. Rolling around in bed


Nothing says cozy like a warm set of pajamas.

2. Chilling with a friend


See? Pit bulls aren't the only pups who enjoy their pj's.

3. Hanging out at home


The kitchen floor is always warmer in a onesie.

4. Chewing on matching lightbulb toy


Seriously, how happy does this pup look?

5. Skull buddies


You gotta have a friend to snuggle with sometimes.

6. Keeping warm in the snow


The cold, harsh winter is not nearly as bad when you're in your favorite pajamas.

7. Minions!


So cute! Couldn't you just eat them up?

8. Hello Kitty and Supergirl


These girls love their superhero pj's.

9. Na na na na na na! Batman! Complete with ears


This pibble loves being a hero.

10. Custom jammies for a pup with three legs


This little guy got a pair made especially for him.

11. Cutest pibble pup in pj's ever


We think our cuteness meter just broke from all the adorableness in this picture.

12. Snoozing on the couch


Who cares if he takes up the whole sofa when he's this cute?

13. Snuggling with a Rottweiler buddy


BFFs always go to bed in pj's together.

14. Going on a flight? Don't forget your jammies!


We want to borrow this idea for our next flight. Think how much comfier coach will be in pajamas.

15. Looking fancy in a zebra print


Just goes to show that zebra print is always in style.

16. Happy pup in pj's


Looks like someone is ready for dinner and bedtime.

17. Snuggly in penguin pj's


Penguins on a puppy. So much sweetness in one photo.

18. Looking very proud in pajamas


Aww... It's like he's asking to have his pic taken in his pj's.

19. Look out for this triple threat... of cuteness


Is it just us, or does it look like each of these dogs is wearing the perfect color pajamas for them?

20. Celebrating the holidays


Time to light up the tree, get in your pj's and snuggle by the fire.

21. Asking for a spot on the couch


Who could say no to this little cutie?

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