11 Struggles of having an allergy to your pet

Mar 11, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. ET
Image: Ryujo/Flickr.com

Being allergic to our pets doesn't make us love them less, it just makes us feel a lot less healthy. Having allergies and inviting pets into your life is a recipe for chaos and lifelong sneezing fits. Fluffy is lucky she's so cute, or we'd never make it through these hard times.

1. Listening to them cry outside your door

Cat at the door Image: Giphy.com

An allergist will suggest you keep your pets out of your bedroom. We suggest that said allergist learns how to sleep through the sounds of his or her baby crying in the other room. Same thing.

2. The incessant need to vacuum and dust

Cat vacuum Image: Giphy.com

Nope. Sorry. Can't go out Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Those are days reserved for dog hair removal.

3. And the sneezing fits that come along with those chores

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Raise your hand if you've thrown out your back while sneezing.

4. Wiping fur and dander off of everything

Minion cleaning Image: Giphy.com

It never ends.

5. Brushing is the best/worst

Brushing dog Image: Giphy.com

They love it. You love it. Your allergies hate it.

6. Cuddle-induced allergy attacks

Ed Sheeran & Cat Image: Giphy.com

His name is Mr. Snuggles for a reason, and right now he's snuggling up against your face – red eyes, running nose and all. Ugh.

7. No, Spot, you cannot lick my face

Baby and bulldog puppy Image: Giphy.com

Some pet saliva also carries allergens in it. Nothing worse than denying kisses from your dog.

8. Trying to bathe away the dander

Dog bath Image: Giphy.com

Seriously, it's not fun for anyone. (And it doesn't help that much anyway.)

9. When it gets so bad that you sound like you have smokers cough

Zoolander Image: Giphy.com

Even the doctors don't believe me when I try to blame the cat.

10. Shelling out dough for HEPA filters

Cat with money Image: Giphy.com

Why are they so expensive?! Why?

11. Dry skin from overwashing your hands

Rain hands Image: Giphy.com

My freakishly scaly hands scare off potential boyfriends. But, ya know, at least I have my cat.

All that aside, having pets is the best. The cuddles are worth the sneezes. Those big black eyes staring up at you, seemingly reading the writing on your heart — nothing is better. Give me some all-day allergy relief and Penny Lane and I can conquer the world. Or, well, at least totally dominate nap time.

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