17 Things only pug owners know

Pug owners know that their dog is something special, but do you? Here are a few awesome factoids about the cutest and coolest breed on the planet.

1. A “grumble” is the proper name for a group of pugs.

Source: Wiktionary

2. Pugs are also referred to as Carlin, mops, Chinese pug dog, Dutch bulldog, Dutch mastiff and Lo-Sze.

Source: Dog Breed Info

3. Flat noses may be super-cute, but they make pugs more prone to colds and allergies.

Source: Dog Breed Info

4. The perfect pug tail has one to four curls.

Source: Dog Breed Info

5. The pug is the oldest breed of dog, dating back to 400 B.C.

Source: Dog Breed Info

6. Don’t forget, those adorable wrinkles also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection.

Source: Dog Scope

7. Pugs were bred for the sole purpose of being a lap or companion dog, but we pug lovers already knew that!

Source: Vet Street

8. It is believed that the pug got its name from the Latin word for “fist,” as his comical face is similar to that of a human fist.

Source: Dogtime

9. Pugs are remarkably fast for their size, and can run 3 to 5 mph, but shouldn’t be a long-distance running companion, as they can easily become overheated.

Source: Runner’s World

10. Pugs have a really hard time swimming thanks to their short legs and plump body.

Source: SheKnows

11. Pugs require regular exercise, as they are prone to obesity.

Source: Just Dog Breeds

12. Because of his nose, the pug is a loud snorer! Not only that, they’re known for all sorts of snorts, sneezes and grunts.

Source: Pet Pug Dog

13. Pugs sleep for an average of 14 hours a day.

Source: Pug Village

14. Pugs are often strong-willed and outgoing, but also very loving.

Source: AKC

15. Pugs are super-sensitive to extreme cold or extreme heat.

Source: Just Dog Breeds

16. Despite their short coats, pugs shed a lot of hair.

Source: AKC

17. They are the most awesome dogs you’ll find.

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