14 Reasons I'd rather be the crazy cat lady on Valentine's Day

Feb 12, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET
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Sometimes it's a good thing to be a crazy cat lady, like when you don't have a date for Valentine's Day.

1. I can watch as many romantic kitty-themed movies as I want

kitty movie gif

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Who wants to have to fight over the TV? My cat doesn't fight for the remote, even if it does fight for the blanket.

2. At least my cat never leaves the toilet seat up


Who else can say that about her boyfriend?

3. I can pick up some new kitty knickknacks

Walking Dead cat gif

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There's no such thing as too many cat statues.

4. I don't have to share my chocolate with my cat

cat chocolate gif

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As long as I make sure the kibble bowls are filled, my cats never bug me for chocolate.

5. I wanted to knit my kitty a scarf anyway


My cat loves all the scarves I've made it so far. Why not make one more?

6. My cat doesn't give me shifty eyes for drinking all the wine

wine gif

Image: Giphy

If the cat does start eyeing my wine, we may have an issue.

7. I can drink out of my favorite mug without judgment


I'm even thinking of getting my cat a matching bowl. Twinsies!

8. I can watch wacky cat videos the whole night

pink cat gif

Image: Giphy

My cat would kill me for saying it, but it laughs harder at those videos than I do.

9. My kitty always helps me do laundry

cat laundry gif

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It's a proven fact: Cats always help more with the laundry than boyfriends.

10. My cats make better bed companions

cat bed gif

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Their purring puts me to sleep, unlike the snoring from my last boyfriend.

11. Cats plus boxes equal hours of fun


Just try and ask your date to play in a box for your entertainment. I doubt he'll be half as funny.

12. I'd rather buy kitty toys than cards and chocolates


Cat toys are tons more fun than all that Valentine's stuff.

13. My cat always helps me load the dishwasher

cat dishwasher gif

Image: Giphy

My cat is the best roomie a girl could have.

14. My cat doesn't judge me

crazy cat lady gif

Image: Giphy

Or if it does, at least it has the decency to hide it.

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