11 Naughty habits your dog can get away with but not your partner

Feb 10, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Sometimes significant others can be a little annoying when it comes to naughty behavior, but at least they aren't trying out these tricks... hopefully.

1. Lick your face

Lick face

Image: Giphy

This is not a kissing technique that anyone should try.

2. Beg for treats

beg gif

Image: Giphy

Actually, it's quite possible that some of you do let your spouses get away with this one.

3. Eat off your plate

ew gif

Image: Giphy

Is it too much to ask that he order his own dish when you eat out? Jeesh.

4. Sniff your panties

ewwww gif

Image: Giphy

Admit it, you just got an image in your head, didn't you? You're welcome.

5. Sleep on your side of the bed

puppy bed

Image: Giphy.com

No matter how cute your partner is, this just isn't cool.

6. Ride in the car with his head out of the window

car dog gif

Image: Giphy

Some people may try this after the whole family eats at a spicy food restaurant, but we're going to let that slide.

7. Take up the entire couch

dog couch gif

Image: Giphy

Everybody needs a space on the family sofa.

8. Whine until he gets his way

pug gif

Image: Giphy

It's kind of adorable when you're puppy does it, but your bae will have to learn it will never work for them.

9. Steal the blankets

dog blanket gif

Image: Giphy

Your dog may be little enough to pull this off. You husband? Not so much.

10. Lay on the couch all day on the weekends

dog cat gif

Image: Giphy

Weekends are for "honey do" lists.

11. Try to run away every time the front door is opened

running gif

Image: Giphy

This trick is often attempted when the in-laws are coming to visit or when you announce it's time for everyone to help clean the house.

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