These pets can’t believe the Seahawks lost Super Bowl XLIX

When your pet is a hardcore Seahawks fan, you can expect tear-filled furry faces because the Seahawks dropped the ball and lost the Super Bowl to the Patriots.

I was in. Not so much now. How could you lose, Seahawks?

Oh the horror of it all!

I simply can’t look you in the face right now.

This is not a happy face, Seahawks!

And to think I actually got up and dressed for the Super Bowl.

Sad. Just sad, Seahawks. That is all.

Some cats yowl when they are sad. I just shave myself. Thanks a lot, Seahawks.

Can you believe the Seahawks lost? See the tears?

I’m hoping it’s all just a bad dream.

Phhhtttttt! Foo on you, Seahawks!

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