Goat gets head stuck in a chip bag; hilarity ensues (VIDEO)

Jan 27, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: AOL/Storyful

We know we shouldn't laugh at this goat's predicament, but gosh, it's so hard not to.

It looked a little like the dog kept trying to get in there and get the last of his crumbs a couple of times and the goat ducked. The goat also did the same when human aid came along. This goat is basically saying, "I may have my head stuck in a chip packet, but 'as if' I'm letting you have the crumbs I got myself into this mess for."

To be honest with you, this goat's plight really resonated with us because we completely understand not wanting to share our chips, and we've also been known to do everything we can to try and make them last, including savoring every last crumb. It's not like we haven't gotten our heads stuck in a chip packet trying to do the exact same thing.

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