Real-life Disney Princess Palace pets look-alikes

Feb 26, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. ET
Image: Ebay

Do you kind of wish that you could have one of your little girl's Palace Pets for your own? Well, maybe you can. Here's the Disney Palace Pets real-life dopplegangers, which are every bit as cute and sweet as the plush version.

Pumpkin, Cinderella's pampered Pooch

Ironically, this Poodle princess was featured on the Disney Pets page thanks to an Elsa costume.

Treasure, Ariel's lovable kitten

She's only missing the bow and adorable tutu, but other than those small details, this kitten is a dead-ringer for Treasure.

Blossom, Mulan's silly panda

Okay, so this panda isn't exactly the same shade of blue as Mulan's palace pet, but those eyes are spot-on.

Berry, Snow White's sweet bunny

That bow is almost too much cuteness rolled into one.

Blondie, Rapunzel's beautiful horse

When Rapunzel has her horse, she's not the only one with a beautiful mane. And this pretty little lady, is no exception.

Teacup, Belle's adorable pup

Only a true princess can rock jewels of epic proportions.

Beauty, Aurora's one-of-a-kind kitty

There's not many pink kitties out there, but there is this gorgeous kitten with a pink glitter crown and that's pretty much the same thing.

Sultan, Jasmine's cool tiger

This is probably the most adorable tiger on the planet and completely sultan worthy...figuratively and literally.

Windflower, Pocahontas' stylish raccoon

This little guy may be a boy, but we've never seen a more adorable raccoon than him. If not Windflower's doppleganger, than definitely her love match.

Bayou, Tiana's fancy schmancy horse

We could just see this gorgeous stallion parading down the Louisiana streets.

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