14 Reasons you should take more selfies with your cat

Feb 27, 2015 at 9:32 a.m. ET

2015 is the year of the #catselfie.

1. Because they've mastered the scrunchie face

2. Because they were made for lounging

3. Because let's be honest, cats have some serious swag

4. Because they look adorable in any filter

5. Because they basically invented the dark and mysterious look

6. Because it's not even a little awkward when they take a #selfie in bed

7. Because they've got the sweet and innocent face down to a science

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8. Because their photo-bombs are amazing

9. Because they're not afraid to show you how they really feel

10. Because two really are better than one

11. Because they're proud of their narcissistic behavior

12. Because they know they're cuter than you anyway

13. Because they'll do whatever it takes to get their "good side"

14. Because no matter what, they make you look good

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