You won’t believe just how pampered these pooches are (VIDEO)

If every dog has its day, Shih Tzus Abba and Diva are living theirs in high style.

When it comes to pampering her pups, Ann McNeilage doesn’t mess around. The majorly generous dog mom has shelled out £30,000 spoiling her little princesses.

Seriously, these furry gals probably have a better wardrobe — it’s valued at £5,000 —  than you. They definitely have a better wardrobe than I do.

They also boast their own chaise lounge, a buggy, a DVD collection (Beverly Hills Chihuahua, anyone?) and, get this, their own personal selection of perfumes.

“I spend most of my spending money on the girls,” McNeilage said, explaining she got a bit of empty nest syndrome after her daughter left home. “The dogs mean an awful lot to me… they changed my life, basically. They made me happier and gave me some sense of purpose.”

We just have one question for McNeilage: Can you be our mom, too?

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