A video of 13 dogs and 1 cat eating like humans? Yes, please!

Dec 19, 2014 at 5:16 p.m. ET

Leave it to the all-natural pet food experts at Freshpet to throw a fancy Christmas feast featuring 13 questionably mannered dogs and one finicky, unimpressed cat.

When you need some holiday cheer because Christmas at your house is akin to entertaining an eccentric pack of animals, watch this video featuring a holiday feast with furry critters that will make you smile. All the guests gathered round the table are dressed in their Christmas best, but nice clothing can't cover up their family dysfunction.


Perhaps you can take heart that your family isn't the only one with members who have issues. Do you recognize the hungry uncle pilfering food off a table mate's plate too? Or the slouchy, rebellious teen texting during the meal? What about the sticky-fingered cousin swiping silverware, or the sour-mug brother tipping the flask? Regardless, this funny pet video will help you find your sense of humor when hosting your holiday guests this year.

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