11 Things your cat wishes you'd stop doing right now

Jan 2, 2015 at 12:13 p.m. ET

Your cat may love you, but she doesn't love all those feline-annoying things you do. From being lax on cleaning her litter box to stepping on her tail, here are 11 things your cat wishes you'd stop doing right now.

1. Stop waiting more than a few minutes before cleaning out her littler box.

Funny cat GIF

Image: Michael Thompson via YouTube

2. Stop bringing home animals that think they rank as a pet.

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Image: CastroL94 via YouTube

3. Stop making loud noises when she isn't expecting them — especially unnecessary fireworks.

Cats hate fireworks

Image: Jos Stiglingh via YouTube

4. Stop working. You've got a cat to tend to.

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Image: jazproductions100 via YouTube

5. Stop trying to toss her out of her favorite spots. It makes her really angry.

Angry cat

Image: Cat Video Funny Channel via YouTube

6. Stop annoying her with dumb toys that amuse only you.

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Image: BFvsGF via YouTube

7. Stop making her wait for her meals.

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Image: Crazy Zadar via YouTube

8. Stop letting your kids torment her. Remember, she knows where they sleep.

Cat attacking toy

Image: Crazy Critters via YouTube

9. Stop trying to give her baths (she secretly wants to kills you).

Cat in the bath

Image: CheesyCheetah's channel via YouTube

10. Stop trying to pet her so much. Petting is on her terms only.

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Image: cutestuff2k via YouTube

11. Stop stepping on her. Save your trips for the catwalk.

Cat walk

Image: babyblue berry via YouTube

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