19 Pugs who totally own dog shaming

Dec 29, 2014 at 5:27 p.m. ET

Pugs are the foremost champions of dog shaming because they naturally sport that "I'm guilty" look even when they haven't done a thing wrong. But, to go along with their iconic conscience-stricken expressions, these precocious pups can't help but get into trouble and we've got the evidence to prove it.

1. Pugs are big-time yard bullies

2. Pugs have terrible eating habits (and cats laugh hysterically at them)

3. Pugs mark their territory...everywhere

4. Pugs don't look where they are running

5. Pugs have serious jealous streaks

6. Pugs hate vets and aren't afraid to show it

7. Pugs need built-in GPS units

8. Pugs are stubborn (and don't like rain)

9. Pugs are little piggies

10. Pugs are passive aggressive

11. Pugs unleash invisible stink bombs

12. Pugs have zero toilet manners

13. Pugs selfishly rearrange the furniture without permission

14. Pugs can be repulsively smelly

15. Pugs think we humans are silly

16. Pugs can be dangerously suicidal

17. Pugs are colorful inside and out

18. Pugs should not be allowed at the beach

19. Did we say that Pugs aren't picky about what they eat?

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