14 Gifts only pet lovers understand

Dec 8, 2014 at 4:52 p.m. ET

If you've got a pet, then you know what it's like to want something that non-pet owners never understand. Get ready to add these entertaining presents to your next wish list.

1. Kitty toilet paper holder

cat toilet paper

Image: Collections Etc.

This gift is useful for you and tons of fun for the kitty in your life. What cat doesn't enjoy playing with toilet paper?

2. Doggy pillow

pet pillow

Image: Collections Etc.

Just in case it's unclear where your pup is in the priority list in your household, this pillow will give him someplace comfy to sleep.

3. Pet Santa costume

dog santa

Image: Collections Etc.

Admittedly, this may not be high on Fido's list of gifts he wants this Christmas, but it will keep him warm on those cold winter nights. Plus, it's endlessly amusing for you.

4. Peekaboo window

peek windo

Image: Amazon

A gift that allows your dog to have a peek outside the fence while letting you get a chance to see what it would be like if your pooch were an astronaut.

5. Interactive dog bowl

interactive dog bowl

Image: Amazon

Your dog will love playing with this interactive toy that will keep him busy and let him get his own snacks while you relax by the fire and enjoy the show.

6. Santa pants cat tunnel

santa pants

Image: Collections Etc.

We all know how much cats enjoy crawling into tight spaces, but why give them a plain old paper bag to play with? Let them run around in this tunnel made from Santa's pants, and just try to keep from laughing.

7. Doggy toilet water bowl

toilet bowl water

Image: Kotula's

Normally, finding your dog sticking his head in the toilet bowl would make any pet owner upset, but not with this one.

8. Catnip bubbles

catnip bubbles

Image: Think Geek

Cats love to chase things that float in the air, and they'll especially enjoy these bubbles laced with catnip. You'll enjoy watching him try to jump as he gets more and more intoxicated by the nip.

9. Mustache and tongue chew toys

chew toys

Image: Uncommon Goods

Give your dog one of these chew toys, and then get out your camera, because the sight of him with a mustache or a massive tongue will be something you're going to want to put on Instagram.

10. Doggy T-shirts

dog shirts

Image: Collections Etc.

These tees will help keep your pooch warm when the temps go down, and the wacky sayings will keep you smiling. That's what we call a win for everyone.

11. Triceratops dog costumetriceratops dog

Image: Amazon

You might look at this costume and think it will be amusing only to you, but we're guessing your dog will have almost as much fun wearing it as you will have taking pictures of him in it.

12. Zombie chew toy

zombie chew toy

Image: Think Geek

Are you completely obsessed with The Walking Dead? Then give your pup this chew toy, and have a good laugh as he gnaws on it.

13. Puppy pajamas

dog jammies

Image: Collections Etc.

That little booty flap in the back is so cute we could just die. Keep your dog warm, and have a giggle as you watch his tail wag in these adorable jammies.

14. DJ Cat scratching pad

dj cat scratchers

Image: Uncommon Goods

Cats love scratching posts, but this takes that idea to a whole new level. When we saw this gift, we thought it was as hilarious as it was useful.

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