Boots the Kitten Nanny helps cats find loving homes

Boots survived Hurricane Katrina and got his name because of the bandages he wore on his little paws after the contaminated water ate away his skin. Poor Boots.

But Boots, a 12-year-old Chow/Golden Retriever mix was rescued by the Arizona Humane Society and now has a loving family and is paying it forward is the most amazing way possible.

Boots the kitten nanny

Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

Boots is the newest addition to the AHS Kitten Nursery and uses his laid-back temperament to help kittens socialize with other animals—making them much more likely to be adopted. Just a day of fun playtime with Boots can make all the difference in helping kittens become more attractive to potential adoptive families.

“By increasing our kittens’ comfort level with dogs, we increase their adoptability, since they will be more likely to adapt to homes with dogs in them,” The AHS says. “This also decreases the chances that the kittens/cats will be surrendered later in life due to problems between the cats and other pets.”

Boots the kitten nanny

Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

The AHS Kitten Nursery is a new idea and since it opened at the end of May, more than 300 kittens have been adopted into loving homes, according to Bretta Nelson, the PR Manager for AHS.

Boots the kitten nanny

Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

As for Boots and his new owner, who is a regular AHS volunteer, he will continue to make weekly visits to the kitten nursery and look after his babies—who he starts to play with when they’re only a few weeks old.

Sniff. Good dog, Boots. Good dog.

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