Adorable images from 1915 prove we loved dressing up pets 100 years ago

These comical images come from the 1915 book The Little Folks of Animal Land, by Harry Whittier Frees. It just goes to show you that the things we love to do never change. Below each image is their original caption which appeared in the book.

kitten bed

“The Specklebacks smell smoke”

kitten well

“Amy Bell and Lily help the fire-laddies.”

kitten dog fire“Fighting the flames.”

fire hero“Daddy Fourpaw rescues Blink.”

kitten dog school“Rosie was a patient model.”

Gone Fishin“The Keennose boys make a sly deal.”

school for dogs“Miss Kindeyes’ kindergarten class.”

kitten dunceFrowler was punished.”

dog kitten costumes

“Miss Kindeyes thought she was too severe.”

kitten school“Amy Belle teaches the fox-trot.”


“A race to the alarmbox.”

kitten hospital

“Baby Speckleback’s nose was hot.”

kitten tooth“Lily Bufkin cuts a wisdom tooth.”

little folk animal land

“Blink was weighed every week.”

dog fishin“Mr. Fourpaw was lucky.”

dog iron

“Patches are no disgrace.”

*All Images by Harry Whittier Frees/Wikimedia

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