This cat hates his sweater, but why he’s wearing it will make you cry

Matt the Cat may look awfully cute in his woolly sweater, but this little guy isn’t just a feline fashionista — there’s a shocking (but ultimately happy) story behind his emerald-hued outerwear.

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In July, Matt the Cat was discovered in a box by the SPCA, neglected to the point of near death.

Matt the Cat

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The adult Persian was taken to Well Animal Clinic in North West London where he immediately began receiving emergency medical care.

“He was in a very sorry state with an incredibly matted coat,” said vet Christian LeVan. “It was so severe, he was unable to pass any feces as it had blocked his bottom, and he could barely walk as the fur on his legs and tummy had got stuck together.”

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Matt’s medical issues went far beyond matted fur, though.

“He also had a rotten infected mouth, loose painful teeth and could barely eat or drink. He had heavily infected ears as well, which were causing him a lot of discomfort. With all the hot weather, we were not surprised to find that he was also very dehydrated,” explained LeVan.

Upon receiving the necessary medical treatment and fluids, the veterinary team at the clinic decided the tenacious little guy needed a name. Matt came to mind at once because, well, that’s precisely what he was when he was discovered.

Matt the Cat

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In order to mend his broken jaw and remove any rotten teeth, Matt required numerous procedures and around-the-clock care.

“Matt was under anesthetic for about three hours,” said LeVan. “The pictures show what a severe state he was in, and just how much hair was clipped from him!”

Thanks to the TLC of the Well Animal Clinic team, Matt the Cat regained his strength and — happy ending alert! — was adopted by none other than LeVan himself.

Since Matt will be quite bald for awhile due to his majorly matted state prior to being rescued, the mother of one of the clinic’s receptionists knitted the hair-challenged feline a jumper to keep him toasty during the coming winter months.

Matt the Cat

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And even though his distinctive look has now earned him a bit of celebrity status, LeVan reminds us that Matt the Cat’s story could have ended tragically.

“Whilst we know he looks very comical and his story has some funny pictures to go with it, it is important not to forget that this was a very, very serious case of neglect with some major welfare issues for him to have been left in such a state,” he said. “Owning animals is a choice not a right, and if you make this choice, then it comes with responsibilities to ensure your animal is well-cared for.”

Happily for Matt the Cat in the woolly jumper, he’s found a family who intends to do just that.

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