The joy of weekends according to dogs (GIFs)

Oct 21, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. ET
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Weekends aren't just for catching up on laundry. These dogs show us humans how to really live large from Friday night to Monday morning.

The Friday afternoon countdown

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Anticipation is clearly half the fun of weekends, and this dog just can't help but watch the seconds tick by on Friday afternoon.

Happy hour with the besties

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What's the best way to toast the end of a workweek? Meeting for happy hour specials with your doggie besties, obvi.

Ouch, the next morning though

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We overdid it on the fun.

It's OK, everyone. Pancakes.

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This dog must be thanking his lucky stars that pancakes are here to save the day. Also: Don't touch them.

Whoa, slow down. It's nap time.

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Let's not get too carried away with all that exercise.

Waking up just in time to cuddle all night

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Thank goodness he woke up in time for Saturday night cuddles and tummy rubs. Now, time for more sleep.

Brunch? Yes!

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Relaxing on a Sunday morning. Is there anything better? This dog says no (and that probably has something to do with mimosas — and bacon).

Oh no! The weekend is almost over.

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That moment when dogs and humans realize that the workweek is about to start again. There's good news, though, because another workweek means that another weekend is just a few days away.

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