Comb-overs, hipster cuts and other great hairstyles for dogs

Oct 3, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. ET
Image: Ilu13 / Getty Images

From roughed-up-pretty to hipster cuts, canine coifs with character and a little bit of attitude are all the rage.

The comb-over


We're not talking Donald Trump level comb-over. As adorable Diego showcases, the doggy comb-over is all about the bangs, baby.

The Manchurian


The Manchurian badger hairbrush is a mainstay in makeup kits, and this petite pup's haircut hearkens the brush's trademark bristles.

The hipster


To get this look, this dog's human likely gave it a deep side part — gently sweeping the hair across the dog's forehead — and a grandiose sense of self-confidence.

The fringe


Hey, if Katy Perry can rock blunt bangs, why can't this cute little fella. Granted, seeing is generally considered a beneficial by-product of a haircut, but we must all make sacrifices for style.

The vertical pigtails


This classy lass needed a 'do that would complement her girly outfit, and she got it in a set of vertical pigtails secured with glitzy pink ties.

The rainbow


For the more adventurous pup, temporary hair dyes offer a fun, temporary way to flex your individuality. This little fella might be dressed up as Aubrey O'Day, though we can't be certain.

The pompadour


This ridiculously adorable 'do is the gateway cut to a mohawk, or, at the very last, fauxhawk.

The mohawk


Not for the faint of heart, the mohawk takes major moxie to pull off. That and a whole lotta styling product.

The classic pigtails


When in doubt, pigtail it out. You just can't go wrong with this style — it's universally flattering, whether your face is round, oval, doggy or human.

The Mr. T


We're just gonna be honest — this dog looks so tough like this! And we're going to guess that having less of that thick fur sure felt good during the hot summer.

The Rasta pile


Yeah, mon... this style is totally chill.



An elegant option for the upscale pup, all-over braids elevate this doggy's 'do from meh to amazing.

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