8 Must-follow Instagram accounts for Pug lovers

Oct 9, 2014 at 10:39 a.m. ET
Image: Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Greetings fellow Pug-junkies (Punkies?), I come bringing fabulous news. As we all know, our days are a little grim when they are lacking in Pugs. Thankfully, Instagram is there to help us today as it has helped us so many times before. Check out these eight stellar accounts rife with Pug-tastic goodness.

1. @Pugasaur


Because dinosaurs may be extinct, but Pugasaur is alive, well, deeply sleepy and maybe almost too adorable. #PUUUUUG!

2. @Pugs


Because it combines two of your favorite things: Pugs and fashion! #OMGTHESQUEE

3. @Pugsmile


Because two Pugs plus one puppy = *Heart Explodes from the Cute* 

4. @Pugz


Because of baby Pugs licking things. #therecouldneverbeenoughever

5. @Pugsofinstagram


Because when a Pug stares into the eyes of another Pug, an angel is born. #apugangelthatis

6. @Pugslife


Because even when they are grumpy, they are the greatest little nuggets ever.

7. @Pugstagram


Because they keep swaggin' on with their swag selves.

8. @Pugaliciouspeaches


Because they aren't just cute, they're helpful, see?!

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