Uh oh! This German Shepherd learned how to use the crate gate (VIDEO)

When you’ve got a BFF like Twitch the German Shepherd, not even a locked crate can stand between you and playtime. Just ask Sophie, the Maltese.
When Sophie kept inexplicably escaping from her crate each day, her owner grew curious as to how the petite pup could possibly be unlocking the crate door.

Per her normal routine, she puts Sophie in the crate, assuring her that she isn’t alone. Her good buddy Twitch the German Shepherd was there to keep her company.

And, unbeknownst to their owner, a whole lot more.

After peering around to make sure the owner was gone, Twitch pulls the towel off of Sophie’s crate, and then  — in what we can only imagine is record time — jiggles the lock open and frees his friend.

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