The most popular dog names of 2014 will surprise you

Nov 24, 2014 at 1:27 p.m. ET

The tallies are in, and this year's top dog names sound more like they're meant for babies than puppies. Find out if your pooch's name made the cut.

top dog names

According to, the top name for 2014 goes to Bella. Perhaps named by dog owners still holding on hard to their Twi-hard days, or kiddos who have a serious obsession for the teen-queen Bella Thorne. For whatever reason, the name is nearly as popular for humans as it is for dogs. The longer version of the name, Isabella, was number 4 on our top baby names of 2013.

Max takes the second top spot, followed by Buddy (super original, folks), Lucy and Daisy. Wow, people really like their doggy names to end with a "Y," kind of like puppy, doggy and poochy (maybe). Perhaps they just like the two-syllable sound when calling for the pup. "Bud-dyyy! Luuuu-cyyy! Daiiii-syyyy!"

The top five names are a recurring trend in the database, making their way onto the top three names of medium-size breeds, 2012 names and mixed/mutt breeds as well as appearances in the other categories as well.

Another name to show up on the list includes Bailey, found in the top names for puppies born in 2014, as well as large breed names and Boxer names. Peanut makes a tiny appearance (pun intended) for small dog breeds, as well as Chico. Shadow barely shows up on the top Lab names, while Diesel and Zeus are bigger than ever under the large breed list.

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