English Bulldog frantically chomps at the sprinkler (VIDEO)

When you were a kid, you probably loved running through the sprinklers on hot days. Unfortunately, adulthood struck, and it was no longer quite as kosher to flop around nude in your own front yard. Clearly, this dog never got that memo. Lucky for him, the rules of the human world don’t apply to the canine one. Watch as this happy-go-lucky dog combines beating the summer heat with having a total blast.


It’s almost just as much fun to listen to his owner cackle as he records the entire encounter. If there’s anyone on that tape enjoying himself just as much as the pooch (if not more so), it’s definitely his owner. This dog reminds me of a young Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. I mean, not really, but the joke had to be made. I’m sure you understand.

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