Jealous Great Dane wants his belly rubbed, too (VIDEO)

Oct 6, 2014 at 5:12 p.m. ET
Image: Lily Aeneae Venema Photography/Getty Images

This Great Dane didn't get the memo that he's not a lap dog, and he'll do whatever it takes to convince his owner to give him cuddles.

I cannot even begin to handle Dinky the Great Dane. First of all, his name is Dinky, and he is anything but. It is common knowledge (in my apartment) that there's nothing I find more amusing than a good old-fashioned oxymoron. It goes to follow that I'd be all about this enormous dog. I was already Team Dinky well before I clicked the link to watch his antics. Once I'd done that, it was time to admit that I'd found a soul mate. My roommate should thank her lucky stars that we live in a four-story walk-up, or else she might return home today and discover a huge new canine friend sharing our dwelling.

Please enjoy Dinky losing his ever-loving mind when his owner takes a break from petting him to pet his brother. Dinky is indignant. His owner playfully reprimands him, and Dinky reprimands him right back with a whining bark, pausing only to loll adorably on his back, exposing his mammoth genitals and killer sense of comedic timing in the process. It's good to see that even dogs can be divas sometimes. ...I had to type that last part because my cats are both giving me displeased looks. They reallllly took this whole "I should adopt a Great Dane" thing to heart. Calm down, guys.

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