When it comes to her yogurt, this kitty isn’t willing to share (VIDEO)

Some say cats aren’t exactly the sharing types. Others just say they know what they want. Po-tay-to, po-taht-o, eh? One thing’s for sure, though, where yogurt is concerned: This cat is not in a giving mood.


Really, can you blame her? There doesn’t seem to be that much left in the container. And honestly, she’s pretty polite in her yogurt container coup — she could swat the infringing tabby cat but, rather, she simply scoots, scoots, scoots the tasty dairy product out of reach.

Plus, let’s be honest, Mr. Tabby Cat doesn’t exactly look like he’s hurtin’ for a good meal, if you pick up what we’re putting down.

And while the tabby seems rather persistent, this fickle feline doesn’t budge an inch. Well, unless you count the ground she covers sliding the yogurt container out of reach.

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