Watch this lamb leap for joy (VIDEO)

This adorable baby lamb is officially the cutest thing you’ll ever see.


Lambs are already exceptionally cute just hanging out and existing in general. But take a baby lamb-y raised indoors by people, who comes running when you call his name? That is almost more cute than the average person is built to handle without combusting. Thankfully the clip we’ve been provided with is only seven seconds long. If it were any longer, it would be a threat to public health.

Here’s where the story goes from cute to heartwarming. The little leaping fellow you’ve probably watched 18 times by now goes by the name of Winter. He was adopted by his human mom, Shannen, when she found him at 1 day old outside, all on his lonesome, one bitterly cold night. After a few days, the little guy regained his strength, and his bond with Shannen grew and grew. Now not only are they besties, but he actually comes when he is called!

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