Husky says no in hilarious doggy tantrum (VIDEO)

This pup really doesn’t want to go in his kennel. Seriously, just ask him.

When his owner tries to tell him it’s time to retire to the kennel for the night, this chatty Husky has a lot to say on the subject — namely, no.
As the owner tries to gently coax him into getting up, the pup keeps groaning “no” and trying to go back to napping. And, really, haven’t we all felt like the Husky at some point? We do every morning, generally between the hours of 7-10 a.m. Or, you know, all day.

Since the video ends without the dog actually getting up or showing any momentum in the direction of the kennel, we’re going to have to assume the vocal pup prevailed and got to enjoy at least a few more moments of freedom.

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