Here's proof that puppies grow up too darn fast

Sep 25, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. ET
Image: Gaspard The French/Instagram

Can you say puppy love? Get ready for a cry fest as you take a look at a handful of puppies go from babies to adults faster than you can say "ah-dorable!"

Roxy, a gorgeous Springer Spaniel

Roxy growing up

Photo credit: Roxychops/Instagram

From a tiny little lady to one pretty, adult Springer Spaniel, Roxy is still the picture of perfection. And not to mention, this model totally has the side head pose down to an art.

Chipper, a very handsome English Bulldog

Chipper the bulldog

Photo credit: Chipperthebulldog/Instagram

This little guy has one blue eye, one brown eye and is pretty much the cutest English Bulldog on the entire planet. Even his daddy can't resist his cuddles, regardless of the fact that he's nearly twice his size.

Boone, a stealthy, good looking Blue Merle Great Dane


Photo credit: andtheycallhimboone/Instagram

Great Danes may be born on the larger side with their big paws and uncoordinated bodies, but they sure do grow into horse size at super speed. Boone, the big Blue, shows off his size in a very well-mannered and sophisticated pose.

Palmer, the sweet and active Australian Shepherd


Photo credit: Palmers_world/Instagram

There's no doubt why Palmer's parents chose him from the litter. With a scruffy little face, he has grown into quite the handsome fella.

Mabel, the sweet and adorable Bloodhound


Photo credit: beaularose/Instagram

Looking like a sweet little farm lady, Mabel's name could not fit her any more appropriately. Her Bloodhound oversized ears and puppy paws make us drool more than Mabel does.

Norah, a cute and happy German Shorthaired Pointer


Photo credit: norah_gsp/Instagram

There are almost no words for this absolutely delightful German Shorthaired Pointer. A very pretty little lady, Norah is the epitome of what makes puppies so darn cute.

Gaspard, the sophisticated and delightful French Bulldog


Photo credit: Gaspard the French/Instagram

Now, this little guy knows he's cute. Starting off as a pint-sized Frenchie, Gaspard became the very dapper and handsome young doggie man that he is today.

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