Grandpa is given a puppy after losing his wife and dog (VIDEO)

Over the course of a few months, this grandpa suffered unimaginable heartbreak after losing both his wife and his beloved dog. Then, his family banded together to remind the sweet senior that he’s “certainly not alone.”
YouTube user and Belgium native Davy Vanhaesendonck captured the emotional exchange on camera, beginning the narration, “As most of you already know, we have lost someone very special last week, especially our grandfather.”

He goes on to say that, in order to remind Grandpa he isn’t alone, the family has planned a surprise on this sunny day. The surprise, as great-granddaughter Lisa puts it, is “a puppy… a little friend.” And an awfully cute one, at that.

The family is soon shown in Grandpa’s room, handing off the precious pup and assuring their patriarch, “A friend for you, Grandpa, to keep you company.”

His reaction?

Well, let’s just say we’ll let you find out for yourself — it’s hard to write when you’re bawling and clutching a box of Kleenex.

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