Snakes wearing hats are cuter than you might think

Aug 17, 2014 at 10:36 a.m. ET
Image: Instagram, @JessJJavern

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, have you spent sufficient time looking at pictures of pet snakes wearing itty-bitty hats? No? You're in luck. We have, and because we love you, we've compiled (and ranked) the very best photos of hat-wearing snakes right here.

1. The classic snake wearing a hat


We're going to go ahead and call this the classic snake-wearing-a-hat photo and judge all other photos on a scale from 1 to this picture (10). Are you ready? All right then.

2. The sophisticated serpent


We have to subtract a couple of points for the mustache on this one (sorry), but we can't ignore the overall power of such a ridiculous hat. Ridiculous gets you everywhere on this snake hat-ranking scale. You'll see.

3. The Malibu Barbie snake


A decent showing with extra points added for feeling like this hat and serpent could easily fit in on Cape Cod.

4. The snake on safari


It's fine. It's good. We're ready for the next.

5. The Howdy Doody


See above.

6. The Bohemian princess


Feathers! So many hot-pink feathers!

7. The fancy pants


Fancy velvet begging for a garden party with the Queen of England. We kind of want this hat ourselves.

8. The Harry Potter snake


We said Harry Potter and had to go 10. It's the rule.

9. The sombrero lover


Cute but not something to write home about.

10. The birthday reptile


Only because we are slightly afraid of the size of this snake, we give it a 10, especially when you consider its owner celebrated its birthday with that hat for real.

11. The leprechaun


We mean, it's a leprechaun hat. That's pretty cool.

12. The possibly-not-a-hat snake photo


We don't know if this officially counts as a hat, but we don't care. Look at that teeny-tiny flower thing! Look again. Giggle again.

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