Cats and citrus: Don't miss this hilarious combo

Aug 28, 2014 at 9:42 a.m. ET
Image: YouTube

Ever wonder where the term "sour puss" came from? These kitties will give you the answer with their hilarious reactions to citrus fruits.

1. Lemon, no thank-you


This cat doesn't even try to taste the lemon. The sour smell seems to be plenty for him to stay away.

2. This lime is mine!


If this kitty loves limes so much, his mama may want to keep him far away from the margarita machine.

3. Reeeejected!


These seven cats have one thing in common: They all hate the orange.

4. The lemon ninja


This kitty has no interest in the lemon. As a matter of fact, he wants the lemon gone so badly, he's willing to fight it like the legit ninja he is.

5. Lemon lover


This little guy has no problem with the lemon; he's totally obsessed with it. His mama better get him a lemon tree stat before he wanders off to another fellow lemon lover.

6. In the lime light


This kitty's lime licking is taking him to his happy place.

7. Don't rind me up


One sniff and this cat is completely over this orange rind and his daddy's attempt to feed it to him.

8. Lemon chops


This video is definitive proof that teenagers need something better to do on their summer vacation than poke fun at the cat.

9. No way, Jose!


This cat goes to great lengths to avoid citrus.

10. Don't you want some orange?


This kitty sums it up: Don't go buying citrus for your cat.

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