Cats and dogs do not follow the same parenting rules (VIDEO)

Cats versus dogs is a battle as old as time, with expressions a’plenty, such as “fighting like cats and dogs.” And which camp you belong to — dog lover or crazy cat person — says a lot about you.

This video, which so poignantly illustrates “The Basic Difference Between Dogs and Cats,” will probably only bolster your loyalty to your species of choice.

When Daddy Dog patiently shows his pup how to traverse a flight of stairs and (after a few attempts) the pup succeeds, dog lovers will swell with pride at the notion “dogs teach their young the value of trust and loyalty.”

As for cat lovers? Like their feline friends, they’re a fickle bunch. They’ll be none-too-impressed by the papa dog’s patience. But when a mama cat pushes her curious kitten down a ladder, proving “cats teach their young that trust is for suckers,” the crazy cat people will laugh.

And, more likely than not, make a “catty” comment about how cats do, indeed, rule and… well, you know the rest.

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