Dog stealing cupcakes is caught on camera

Aug 4, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. ET

Ever bake delicious goods only to have a certain four-legged creature snatch them up? This doggy parent caught her cupcake snatcher on video and it's absolutely priceless.

Thief! - Imgur

There's no doubt that this dog has a sweet tooth and a very large one at that. Not satisfied with only one cupcake, she eats all five. A smart pup, she doesn't let a pesky ol' countertop get in her way. After eating the few cupcakes within reach, she bops the others with her paw to use her teeth to snatch them away. And although we're unsure exactly where she takes her cupcakes after snatching them up, we can safely assume that they've been gobbled into her belly. Where's the doggy antacid when you need it? If she was smart enough not to eat all of her stolen cupcakes, her mama just may find a secret, stale hideaway soon.

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