Barknado: It's the Sharknado 2 spin-off you don't want to miss

Aug 1, 2014 at 12:53 p.m. ET
Image: ASPCA

The ASPCA came up with a genius way to get people excited about pet adoption. In coordination with the infamous Sharknado video, the ASPCA has shared a much more adorable and sillier version, featuring none other than "Barknado."


Although this video may seem as terrifying as its Sharknado counterpart, the concept behind ASPCA's adoption video is actually quite endearing. No thrilling, gut-wrenching scenes in this video; no, Barknado is all about love — dog love that is. As the friendly storm, Barknadomakes its way through the neighborhood, it picks up stray dogs and drops them off at new homes, noting that "the only way to stop it is to adopt it." The ASPCA has released the video in hopes of spreading the word about pet adoption.

Visit their site to view the charming video on the ASPCA and make sure to share on your favorite social media site.

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