15 Reasons mutts deserve love too

Jul 30, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET
Image: LWA/Jay Newman/Blend Images/Getty Images

Purebred dogs are great. They're pretty and they're fun. But don't forget about all of those lovable mutts out there. Here are 15 reasons why we think you should love on them, and possibly consider adopting them from a local shelter.

1. Their curiosity is boundless


Hey, what's that? Look! A squirrel!

2. They know that life is for partying


OK, so they're sometimes a little high energy. That's just because they know it's important to celebrate life and love every chance they get.

3. Just look at their soulful eyes


Some of them have seen a thing or two, and they like to think their wisdom only adds to their character.

4. Talented? You betcha


You might see purebred dogs in the fancy-schmancy dog shows, but mutts are the ones with real talent. Why? 'Cause they're not afraid to try new things.

5. They know all about cuddling


If there's one thing they learned in shelter life, it's that they can't take a potential cuddle-bug for granted.

6. They're just glad to have a family


Sure, they love luxury just like any other dog, but what they've always wanted is a forever family. Not only that, their mixed-breed temperament can make them the perfect selection for a family with children.

7. Their smiles are contagious


We dare you not to smile with them.

8. They don't take themselves too seriously


Life's too short to be an uptight goober.

9. Adventure is a mutt's middle name


They love a good time, and they're not afraid to dive into the deep end.

10. They are a healthy bunch


Not to get all serious on you, but it's important that you know. Mutts tend to be healthier than purebred dogs because their muddled gene pool makes them resistant to disease. Pretty cool, right?

11. You'll love them for a lifetime


Speaking of health, their superior genes mean that they'll live longer than many pure breeds.

12. Their crew is street smart


Gaze into their brilliance, we dare you.

13. Just look how cute they are


Say what you will about beautiful breeds, but it's unlikely you'll find a dog this preciously quirky at a breeder.

14. They offer the best of both worlds


If you're really set on a purebred dog, they might just offer you the best of both worlds. Some mutts look just as refined a purebred dog, but are mixed enough to avoid health problems.

15. There are lot of them, waiting for you


The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are six to eight million dogs and cats cared for in animal shelters each year. They're waiting for an owner like you, we promise.

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