This dog really loves to play pool (VIDEO)

Like something straight out of a Cassius Marcellus Coolidge painting, this talented pooch proves that he knows his way around a felt-top table. Not only does he love to play pool, he’s probably better than many bipeds.

Essentially, this cute guy is the canine version of Tom Cruise in The Color of Money — there’s a notion to give you pause (paws?) for thought.

It should also be noted that after sinking virtually every ball on the table, he shakes his opponent’s hand. Clearly, he’s a pretty good sport… and/or attended an excellent obedience school.

As you may know, in billiards lingo, a “pool shark” is someone who rules the table for hours on end. So, while we hate to do this just after Shark Week, this skilled pup proves that the idiom should be updated.

Our suggestion? Pool dog.

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