VOTE: Can cats school humans when it comes to parkour?

Jul 24, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. ET

How often do you marvel at your amazingly agile feline vaulting from ground to tree to windowsill, then doing a sideways somersault just because, you know, she can? Apparently, these innate kitty-cat abilities have inspired a rapidly growing movement of fearless humans who want to show the fit felines of the world that they can scale walls and do jaw-dropping flips, too. See for yourself.


If you're going to compare feline skills against the physical abilities of humans, the best cat for the competition is Didga, the World's Best Skateboarding Cat. As you can see, Didga is a natural at racing up trees, dominating all obstacles in her path, and even cunningly outrunning a pack of obnoxious canines. After watching Didga, it's no wonder that humans want to do the supernatural with their physiques.

In the following "Parkour" video, you will be amazed at the unbelievable physical feats these men (and a solo woman) perform — running up walls, vaulting from building to building, backflipping off of anything they can get their hands and feet on, and exhibiting boundless energy that makes even the most skilled Spider Man stunt double look lazy. What do you think? Do these superhuman feats beat the natural physical abilities of our extraordinarily agile felines?


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