Pooch-powered skateboarding is the coolest thing ever (VIDEO)

Aug 5, 2014 at 2:16 p.m. ET

We've always wondered why it's called walking the dog, when it's really the dog that walks... ahem, drags its owner. One man puts a few pups (and one cat) to the test to take him on the skateboard ride of his life.


After pulling his owner all over the boardwalk, Wags will definitely need to cool down at the beach. Look at that boy go. He looks like he could pull his owner for days. And his owner? He's having the time of his life. Although I give props to Wags, the obvious skateboard-pulling master, my vote is totally for Didga the cat for the most awesome pull [00:35]. Did you see her swanky walk down the boardwalk? As if we would expect anything less from a self-indulgent feline.

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