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Jul 15, 2014 at 1:24 p.m. ET

Humans have always enjoyed traveling food trucks, so why not take that same concept and tailor it to dogs? That's what the team over at Milo's Kitchen asked, and as a result, the Treat Truck was born. So, when I heard they were headed to my local park in Phoenix, I just had to check it out.

Milo's Kitchen

On a cloudy, stormy monsoon Sunday, the PetSmart dog park in downtown Phoenix was filled with happy smiles and wagging tails. Gray skies and a few sprinkles couldn't keep spirits down with the Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck passing out free samples. In fact, the only thing that made everyone frown was that the truck was unable to stay longer.

Since beginning their tour in San Francisco, the Treat Truck crew have already made nine stops at dog parks and street festivals along the West Coast. And after a quick pit-stop in Phoenix, the crew hit the road again, heading to cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.


Because they can't hit every city in every state, you're probably wondering if a visit to the Treat Truck is worth the trip. To that I would say yes. The Treat Truck is more than just a concession stand for dogs. In fact, the crew have put together an experience that dogs and owners alike will enjoy. Here's what you can expect when you visit.

Free samples

Free Samples

If you think you'll be given a single sample and that's it, think again. Much like the Starbucks customer experience, I was asked what my dogs' names were, then given individual bags filled with around six treats each. And, needless to say, both of my dogs were very happy campers.

Family photos

Family photos

While waiting for your samples, you can have a family photo taken by one of the Milo's Kitchen staffers, which will be emailed to you free of charge. And at some stops, they even have a selfie photo booth.



The goal of the Treat Truck is to spread the word about Milo's treat products, which are made with 100 percent real chicken or beef. Staffers will answer any questions you might have about a product's ingredients and flavor options, and they'll wear a large smile when they explain that their products are made in the U.S. This home-grown company is definitely proud of what it does, so be sure to ask about special deals and giveaways being offered at each stop.

Some extra love for your furry friends

Some extra love for your furry friends

Probably the best thing about the Milo's crew is their obvious love for the dogs that visit them. As I chatted with the team, my dogs were constantly showered with praise and affection, even to the extent that I might say they were spoiled.

To get more information about the Treat Truck's planned route or Milo's Kitchen product details, follow it on Twitter or check out the website.

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